Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still Waiting

Nov. 11, 2010 Thursday

Hi, Sorry, I haven't given you any updates.

We are still at Tiffin's Red Bay, Al. campground. We are here to get warranty work done. Our number is 663. We were not able to make an appointment so we came in and we are on a list. WE need more than 3hours, Express service, done.

Lot of them have appointment and other go express. Over 100 a week, those going south for the winter, stop for work to be done , are here.

WE watch them leave and others come in . Last time we checked we were up to # 25 so maybe next week or week after.

WE have been traveling in a 100 mile radius looking for a lighter tow car. WE finally settled on a Chev. LTZ. but they can't find one here YET, for us. WE may have to get it in Florida which was out first thought. Now, we would like to get it get the hitch put on and get it all over with.

We will miss the Florida Samboree for the first time in over 10 years. That will be sad for us because we both love the Samborees. WE hate missing our friends, you don't know when you will see then again. At least Fl has a Feb. Samboree so it won't be so bad.

We are doing well.

I hope you are all well and those that are traveling be save.


Love & hugs R & A

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