Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Adventures

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wow ! Time goes fast when you are having fun.

We left Tiffin's in Al. early March, so we had 3 weeks to get to Las Vegas. I'm so use to driving to the next place , it was hard to say , " We have to slow down and we can see things along the way" . We headed south to the MS shore area. We stopped at some casino's had some fun and stayed in their parking lots.

We visited Gloria Jane for a week , Fun time seeing the area and eating La, Cajun food. She headed to the FMCA Rally with Pat & Sherman, so we headed west. We could have stayed in her yard but we wanted to keep moving.

We decided we woud do the Casino's alone the way . Some were better to us than others but we were ahead, and it was a fun experience.

We found a Coast campground, rested and relaxed for a week, then traveled closer to Waco TX. to another Coast Campground for three days. We went to golf driving range for some practice.
Met a Tx. Staff couple and visited with them and got the scoop, were to go what to do before going into the Samboree.

We got to the TX Samboree on Sunday and we were keep busy with seminars and visiting. We were taken out to DQ every night. When you are with Good Sam you have to have your ice cream and fun at DQ. What a wild bunch.

Sat. was my birthday and they suprised me at DQ with cards , a teddy bear and a dozen Yellow roses. I can't tell you how pleased I was.

After spending a week with our Good Sam friends we headed to Las Vegas for the rafting trip.
The first day winds were so strong we decided to stop early. It was 91 outside. When we woke in the morning it was 20 and we had snow on the coach and car. Oh well, you never know.

We arrived in Vegas and went to Visit Al's brother in law.

The next moring we were picked up at the Resort, 17 of us, taken to airport, flown into the canyon and to a ranch, picked up by a small bus , taken to ranch where we were flown by helicopter , four at at time , farther into the canyon and the raft we would spend three days on. We were flown in and the people who had been on the seven day trip were flown out.

The weather was great , temp about 75. Great morning trip. stopped for lunch and then continued on Trip. A Fun, small rapids trip. Around 4 we landed for the night. We got instructions on how to set the tent and the cots. A great supper , setting around talking and to bed for a busy day. We were told we would hit some BIG RAPIDS, to wear our rain gear.

It rained during the night , cold and rainy all day. We had a great breakfast then on to the river. It's funny it rained the rest of the trip but it didn't rain when we ate. This day was fantastic The rapids were so BIG. When the guides said suck the rubber they ment it. You leaned forward as far as you could so you wouldn't be pushed back. Rapids one after the other , a thrill of a life time.

We camped a little earlier because of the rain and we were cold. The guides got hot , thick, New England Clam Chowder. Told us to get tents up. Then they came around with Shrimp cocktail.
Our dinner was salad, Thick steak and Rainbow trout. You couldn't have asked for or gotten a better meal in the best restrurant.
We sat around a fire for awhile then early to bed.
Last day , another great breakfast, and on the river again. Along the trip we would stop to see the waterfalls and sights. I took a water proof camera, I have to have them developed. NOt sure how they will come out. WE have a site on the web that we can put pictures and comments. My mail with the codes is home so I will get it later. Friend on the trip said they would share.

WE were rafted to a spot and a speed boat picked us up. 30-40 miles of super speed to a big bus that took us back to the resort.

THe raft was going to be taken apart and trucked back to the start for another trip.

On the trip we had two sisters, two brothers, 2 groups of 3( friends in College), Father & Son, An engaged couple, a gal alone from Brazil , Al & I. WE were the oldest. It was a great 100 mile grafting trip, trip of a life time.

Now we are "On The Road Again" . We have to move fast, The NM director would like us in ASAP, but we couldn't get there until Monday. We had a fun busy week, I only knew a few people, I had never been to NM before. WE were in Roswell, Where the Aliens landed. I was told we had to go to the musieum. It was fasinating. Things I didn't know. I was told I have to see the movie "Paul".

WE left NM and headed to the OK Samboree. Alone the way, we were instructed in TX , we had to go to the Palo Duro Canyon. Beautiful sights. Thanks Fayrene for telling us to see this.

WE arrived in Ok on Monday afternoon. Tues. we went with Diane/ John and Betty/ Geno to dinner and the Casino. A real fun time with these guys. They are vendors and once the show starts there's only time to go by, say Hi and get a hug. It was fun to be able to spend some time with them.

We went out with another gang to lunch at Casino. They gave us money off the buffet. Because it was our first time there. We got cards. Al got a dollar, It was my birthday month so they gave me two cards, I got $8. They gave me a 12.95 coupon for the buffet. Buffet was 7.95 so it didn't cost us much for lunch with that coupon and two $3 off coupons.

We stayed about one hour to play and gained a little.

The Samboree was great. There were about 30 for the TX Samboree there so we went to Brams everynight. This is another great ice cream place.

WE had some extra excitement at this Samboree. The Director announced that , someone brought to her attention, that this was the first Samboree that Ice was delivered to the rig site.
We had dime size hale.

We had to go to the tornado shelter once. The weather brodcasted for the next week was severe storms and more tornados and it looked like it was following I 40 east.

We decided we are going east but we would drop down to I-20. Good thing we did, weather has been good. Each day as we travel we look at the weather channel and it' has announced the Tornados and the damage done. So glad we decided this.

WE just got through Atlanta Ga. anad we should be at the NC Samboree around 4 this afternoon. We hope to see some of our friends from NC and the states around them.

We are looking forward to another great week, then we will head on Home to Maine , with a short stop in the Lewiston/ Auburn area for a Class reunion .

Sorry, this is so long but I wanted to try to get caught up. Not sure what excitement is ahead for us. Hopefully a little quieter.

Hugs and love to you all.. Remember you must be out there making memories too.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Moving slowly and having fun

Friday, 18, 2011


We left Florida and headed to Tiffin's to have the work finished we didn't have time to do before. They were great to us , got us right in and we were finished before we really planned to be. WE decided to do the paint when we go back in 2013.

Now, we have three weeks, we have to fill in before we go in to the TX. Samboree.

We called a Friend, Gloria Jane in La. "Come on in, I have room for you".

We stopped in Biloxi, La, Casino (IP) . It was fun, we dry camped for two nights, I won some money. That's why it was fun. We got some points, which got us a Tee shirt and Money to use at the concession stand. Would you believe, they had mostly desserts so we got 7 different desserts. They went great with tea for the next few days.

We went to Gloria Jane's , she took us to a lot of food places so we had a lot of La different kinds of food. We stayed 7 days with her. We couldn't stay any longer we would have gained too much weight.

We left Sunday , Headed west on I-10 , stopped at another Casino , for the night , came out even. We went about 10 miles to another Casino, stayed overnight and then on the road again.

WE arrived at this Coast to Coast Park in Willis TX around 9 am. we will be here until 23rd then move to another Coast park closer to Waco. The 27 we will go in to TX. Samboree in Waco.

We will rush to Vegas, We hope to be there Tues . so we can visit Al's relatives on Wed. and Thurs. we start tour Grand Canyon rafting tour. WE finish the tour Late Sat. and then head to NM for the Samboree. We are going to try to get there Sunday but not sure if we can make it. So it might have to be Monday.

Our trip will include, OK , Hopefully Sunday 10 - Sunday-24. Then on to NC , We hope to be there 27 -May 1. Head to Maine . I hope to get there on the 4, which we should , to my Class reunion.

Then we will be home for the summer. We will be spending more time in Rangeley at the summer camp.

You can see we will be real busy and I probably won't get on this site for awhile.

Have a wonderful summer . Make those valuable memories. Love you all and lots of hugs

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Feb. 12, 2011

We arrived in Florida on the 25th. My brother picked us up at the airport.
We visited a few days then headed to Brooksville to the FMCA Rally where I sold GS Memberships, ERS and books. IT was again fun seeing old and meeting new friends.
From there we went to Clark Chevrolet in Leesburg to pick up the new car. The mechanic at the Camper's Inn put the wrong base plate on the car so I said I'm going , have it ready next Monday when we come back. Hope fully it will be.

We are at the Florida Samboree. It has been a cold but fun week. We are doing the usual things you do at a Samboree and Al is really getting into this. Boy, are the girls after his hugs.
We will stay with the Staff ,Sunday night and then go pick up the car, get instructions on how to use all the electronics , check to see that the hook up to the coach is working correctly and be on our way to the campground for two weeks.

You can see we are still "On The Road Again"

Hugs to all and continue to make those memories.

Rosemary & Al

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy New Year

Jan 28,2011

OMG, I can't believe it's been so long.

We had a great time in Maine over the Holidays.
We had the Ranks Family Christmas, Sat after we arrived.
We went to my son's family, Christmas eve , stayed overnight and had the tree early Christmas morning. We left mid morning.
We went to my brothers home. He was having all his children, grand- children and a couple of great grands , there. I hadn't seen them for quite awhile . Then on to Al's daughters for another Christmas tree and dinner with her in- Laws. A very busy day.

As you may have seen on the news, there was plenty of snow.
Al took me cross country skiing and snow shoeing so I guess I have tried most of the out door sports. What fun and the days were so beautiful . new soft white snow and very quiet . I fell a l ot but Al was there to help me up.

I went to Vegas to the Directors and Sambassador meeting. It was great. They were very enthusiastic, They got lots of positive information. A great productive week for us all.

Al stayed in Maine while I was gone , so he had a good time visiting and being fed by friends. He also did a lot of snow blowing our home and his sisters who is 91 and would do it if Al didn't get there in time.

We are back in Sebring at my brothers. I've been catching up on mail, Jim has been faxing and photocopying for me. This is a great Camping area with all the best of amenities. Thanks Jim and Joyce.

WE left the furnace on low so we are almost out of propane, so we need to get some before we move on to the Brooksville, FMCA, show and the FL. Samboree, Jim is going to see if they will deliver propane here.

I'm hoping to get my Fl. drivers licence, I wasn't able to last year so I will try again. I have a new car coming so I'm doing a lot of work over the phone and trying to get the hitch( Base Plate), arraigned , Dealer is trying to get this all done so I will drive in and right out. I hope it goes as planned. Time will tell.

WE will be at Clerbrook for a couple of week, I hope, then move on to get painting done at Red Bay Alabama then on to our Good Sam assignments.

Our schedule is.
March 31- 4/3- TX 4/7-4/9 our Grand Canyon Rafting trip
4/12 - 4/17 NM 4/21-4/24 OK
4/29- 5/1 NC
Then we will head to Maine.

I Hope let's you now what we have done and what' s ahead for us.

We are making memories. I hope you are also.

Life is short let Family/friends know you love them and enjoy what you do.

Hugs Rosemary & Al

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas

Sat. Dec. 11, 2010

Hi, We finally got out of Ray Bay Al. We will go back in March for paint work. WE didn't have the time to stay to get painting done.

We went to Dothan, Al. to have lube pump checked. While there Al went to clinic for a bad cold. He got prescription. I started to take care of my self so I wouldn't get it.

It didn't work . WE left Tues for Fl. Arrived at campground around 3. I had called m y Dr.
Wed. am to Dr. for my cold. we did some checking around on the best place to get tow bar base plate and the hook up on the new car when it comes in.

Thurs . I went for Blood work and Bone density. WE met the sales gal we are buying car from and got more information from her. She suggested a RV place in the same town for changeover.

WE went to them told them what we needed so when car comes in we can go there and get the quick change.

Friday we arrived in Sebring at my brothers. Now we start the same schedule we did last year.
To Maine for Christmas. I go the Vegas,in Jan., for the State Director and Sambassador meeting, back to Maine and then Al & I will come back to Fl to my brothers.

I was having a hard time to get on my blog. a survey kept coming up and I couldn't get it opened. I went to my e-mail signature with the blog and tried to get on that way and I couldn't so I have no idea if you guys are getting these messages.

I'm on face book so I don't know if I need to do the blog anymore.
Let me know if you still want this.



Monday, November 29, 2010

Still here

Monday, Nov. 29, 2010

Just a quick note. We are still in Red Bay Alabama.

We are in a Bay and we have a guy who has been fixing things since Fri. 19. They had the long Thanksgiving weekend off.

He is putting carpet down in front under drivers and passenger seats.
A guy just came to check our inverter and Batteries. Oh well I want everything checked.

So that's where we are so wanted you to know WE are not "On the Road Again" yet HA ha

Hugs Rosemary & Al

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still Waiting

Nov. 11, 2010 Thursday

Hi, Sorry, I haven't given you any updates.

We are still at Tiffin's Red Bay, Al. campground. We are here to get warranty work done. Our number is 663. We were not able to make an appointment so we came in and we are on a list. WE need more than 3hours, Express service, done.

Lot of them have appointment and other go express. Over 100 a week, those going south for the winter, stop for work to be done , are here.

WE watch them leave and others come in . Last time we checked we were up to # 25 so maybe next week or week after.

WE have been traveling in a 100 mile radius looking for a lighter tow car. WE finally settled on a Chev. LTZ. but they can't find one here YET, for us. WE may have to get it in Florida which was out first thought. Now, we would like to get it get the hitch put on and get it all over with.

We will miss the Florida Samboree for the first time in over 10 years. That will be sad for us because we both love the Samborees. WE hate missing our friends, you don't know when you will see then again. At least Fl has a Feb. Samboree so it won't be so bad.

We are doing well.

I hope you are all well and those that are traveling be save.


Love & hugs R & A