Friday, March 18, 2011

Moving slowly and having fun

Friday, 18, 2011


We left Florida and headed to Tiffin's to have the work finished we didn't have time to do before. They were great to us , got us right in and we were finished before we really planned to be. WE decided to do the paint when we go back in 2013.

Now, we have three weeks, we have to fill in before we go in to the TX. Samboree.

We called a Friend, Gloria Jane in La. "Come on in, I have room for you".

We stopped in Biloxi, La, Casino (IP) . It was fun, we dry camped for two nights, I won some money. That's why it was fun. We got some points, which got us a Tee shirt and Money to use at the concession stand. Would you believe, they had mostly desserts so we got 7 different desserts. They went great with tea for the next few days.

We went to Gloria Jane's , she took us to a lot of food places so we had a lot of La different kinds of food. We stayed 7 days with her. We couldn't stay any longer we would have gained too much weight.

We left Sunday , Headed west on I-10 , stopped at another Casino , for the night , came out even. We went about 10 miles to another Casino, stayed overnight and then on the road again.

WE arrived at this Coast to Coast Park in Willis TX around 9 am. we will be here until 23rd then move to another Coast park closer to Waco. The 27 we will go in to TX. Samboree in Waco.

We will rush to Vegas, We hope to be there Tues . so we can visit Al's relatives on Wed. and Thurs. we start tour Grand Canyon rafting tour. WE finish the tour Late Sat. and then head to NM for the Samboree. We are going to try to get there Sunday but not sure if we can make it. So it might have to be Monday.

Our trip will include, OK , Hopefully Sunday 10 - Sunday-24. Then on to NC , We hope to be there 27 -May 1. Head to Maine . I hope to get there on the 4, which we should , to my Class reunion.

Then we will be home for the summer. We will be spending more time in Rangeley at the summer camp.

You can see we will be real busy and I probably won't get on this site for awhile.

Have a wonderful summer . Make those valuable memories. Love you all and lots of hugs

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